Wednesday, 27 November 2013

AXA Research Fund 2014 Postdoctoral Campaign - Internal deadline 4th Dec 2013 - External deadline 16th Dec 2013

Dear Colleague
The University has successfully passed the 1st round of the selection process of the AXA Research Fund 2014 Post-Doctoral campaign. Therefore, we are allowed to submit one Post-Doctoral candidate to this years’ competition. As we expect more than one application to be the nominated candidate, an internal sift is required. Please submit a three page outline, to include a brief curriculum vitae and details of the proposed project, by Wednesday 4 December.
Candidates must have defended their PhD thesis before the beginning of the grant and must be less than 5 years since awarding of their first PhD. Extensions to this eligibility criteria may be allowed where there has been a career break.

 Projects funded by the AXA Research Fund must be related to one of the general topics listed below:

 ·         Environmental risks

o   Climate change, from glacier retreat to sea-level rise.

o   Natural hazards, from earth hazards to atmospheric and space-weather phenomena.

o   Human-driven environmental changes such as urban pollution, nanotechnologies or pesticide exposure.

·         Life risks

o   Aging and long-term care, e.g. trends in individual longevity, age-related diseases, population demographics.

o   Biomedical risks, from the analysis and evolution of infectious diseases and pandemics to exposure to new technologies.

o   Addictions and risky behaviours, from the perspectives of psychology, biology, medicine, etc.

·         Socio-economic Risks

o   Geopolitical risks, e.g. access to natural resources, international and civil conflicts, political upheavals, international security.

o   Macro-economic and financial systemic risks, i.e. all uncertainties affecting the aggregate behaviour of the economy.

o   Individual and collective behaviours towards uncertainty.

o   Large corporate risks, from internal corporate governance risks to threats and challenges inherent to the corporate environment.



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