Thursday, 31 January 2013

Training Opportunities - Research Computing

IT Services provide a comprehensive training portfolio in support of research computing and data analysis. From February the following 1-day training courses, each with hands-on exercises to ensure a full understanding of the topic, are available to researchers (staff + PGR) at the University. 

Introduction to Research Computing (Mon 18 Feb) - a getting started guide to resources and techniques
Optimisation and Parallelisation (Wed 20 Feb) - learning how to get codes to run faster and in parallel
High Throughput Computing using Condor (Mon 4 Mar) - learn how to do parameter sweeps (Monte Carlo)
Programming in MATLAB (Tues 5 Mar) - writing and debugging programs in the MATLAB environment
Introduction to OpenCL (Fri 8 Mar) - programming for GPUs and CPUs
Introduction to ParaView (Mon 11 Mar) - how to visualise data using the Open Source package ParaView
Introduction to AVIZO (Thur 14 Mar) - visualization for 3D data sets
Intermediate MPI (Weds 20 Mar) - for MPI programmers who wish to learn about advanced techniques

Further details on each course and a brief online application form are available at

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