Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Online Academic Writing Clinics

Need help with your writing?

 If so, you should log-on to the Postgraduate Online Writing Clinic. This is a forum which gives postgraduate students (Home and Overseas from all faculties) the chance to ask questions about any aspect of academic writing.

 The live writing clinic is an online, cross-faculty resource for postgraduate students at the University of Manchester. It is a drop-in facility which allows you to ask any questions you might have regarding academic writing.

 The clinics will usually take place between 2.00 – 3.00pm on Wednesdays.

 To access the online clinic at time shown above, follow the link below:

 This will launch Adobe Connect and a login page. Enter your name and School (e.g. Simon: MACE). Then click the 'Enter Room' button and you will enter the clinic.


Please note: you will need headphones to listen to the clinic. If you have a headset with microphone you will be able to speak to the tutor. If not, you will communicate by a chat facility.

Please be aware of the following:
• This is a University-wide resource and so the guidance and feedback given will be generic and not subject/School specific. If you have any subject specific questions (e.g. regarding formatting of your thesis), you should speak to your supervisor/mentor or to some other relevant person within your subject field.
• This is not an online proofreading service.

If you have any questions regarding the online clinic, please email:


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