Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Marie Curie Research Fellowships in Sweden

COFAS 2 – Call for proposals, Marie Curie Fellowships in Sweden, FAS Incoming International Postdoc fellowships (FIIP)

·         COFAS 2 is FAS' International postdoc fellowship programme.
·         Deadline for submission of applications is 29 May 2013 at 17:00 CET.
·         FAS supports research in the areas of working life, public health and welfare.
·         The purpose of funding International Incoming postdocs is to give qualified researchers opportunity for knowledge and competence exchange with the Swedish research society.
·         Applicants can apply for up to 24 consecutive months at the host institution. Applicants who find it difficult to spend longer periods of time abroad, e.g. for family reasons, may divide the time with work at the institution in their country of origin.

The grants include:
·         Living, mobility and travel allowance, incl. 35% overhead with 950 000 SEK per year (approx. 94 500 EUR for living, 13 500 EUR for mobility and 2500 EUR for travel)
·         Family allowance 50 000 SEK for each dependent per year (approx. 5,500 EUR/year for each dependent)
·         Research cost contribution, which amounts to 50 000 SEK per year (approx. 5500 EUR/year)
·         Career Grant 5000 SEK (approx. 550 EUR) per seminar, for participation in Career Coaching seminars arranged by FAS

News in the COFAS 2 programme
  • Introducing family allowance This change provide better conditions for researchers to go abroad and bring their family on their postdoc period. COFAS 2 is introducing a substantial Family allowance, by offering 50 000 SEK (approx. 5500 euro) per dependent per year.
  • Wider Career window. Applicants with a PhD exam obtained during the last 5 years (childcare and military services subtracted), or applicants being in the last stages of their PhD preparation, but that will have their PhD at the time of recruitment (contract signature), are eligible to receive fellowships in the COFAS 2 programme
  • Repatriation period. Now financed by FAS to secure contract extension due to national regulations for parental leave
  • Work part-time. Fellows with child-care responsibilities can apply to work part-time during the fellowship or divide their fellowships in several stays, with the maximum time not exceeding 36 months (not including the repatriation)

More information and applications:

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