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The Socially Innovative Researcher

The Socially Innovative Researcher

15 January 2013 - 17 January 2013


Do you want to change the world?

Are you keen to make a difference with your research?

Would you like to create a positive social impact?


Audience: This course is recommended for research staff and postgraduate researchers who have completed the first year of their PhD

The University of Manchester is hosting a residential professional development course on social innovation - the ability to find enterprising solutions to social and environmental problems.

The course will guide you in how your talents honed through engaging in research can be applied in a different context. The range of activities on this course include exploring your motivations and values, creating fresh solutions to problems, demonstrating the impact of the work you do, and putting your ideas into practice.

By attending this course, you will have the opportunity to:-

  • Collaborate with researchers from a range of disciplines

  • Understand more about social enterprise and how it relates to research

  • Enhance your personal, research and social impact

  • Develop your communication skills through describing how your research benefits others

  • Explore ways in which you can apply your skills in different contexts

  • Improve your personal effectiveness

  • Challenge assumptions and raise your self and social awareness.

What is the commitment?

This course runs over a period of four days - you will attend the three-day residential event in January, followed by a one-day wrap-up event in March. In between these events you also have the option to take up additional training, support and mentoring opportunities. When registering for the course, you will be asked to commit to attending for the full duration.

How will the course work?

This course provides an ‘experiential' or ‘learning by doing' approach. Sure there is some element of presentation and information giving, but for the most part, you will be actively participating in the sessions and team activities.

Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to work in multi-disciplinary groups offering you the chance to explore team dynamics, roles and responsibilities, providing a rich base from which to raise awareness of your own skills and knowledge.

This course will operate on the principle of 'challenge by choice' and aims to create a safe environment where everyone is encouraged to experiment and work in unfamiliar areas. Nobody has to take on any challenge with which they feel uncomfortable, although to get the most out of the course, we do ask you to come with an open mind and be prepared to contribute to the course.

Free for University of Manchester postgraduate researchers and research staff. This includes:

  • Attendance at the full programme (3 days residential + 1 day non-residential)

  • 2 nights accommodation at the Chancellors Hotel

  • Food and refreshments throughout (Full board during the residential)

  • All handouts and training materials

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