Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Post Grad Society

The  Post Grad Society

The University of Manchester has over 10,000 Post grads that are an integral part of University and campus life.

The University of Manchester Students’ Union is committed to creating an inclusive space for the Postgraduate community. I am looking to bring together motivated and passionate Post grads students to run this society and would like to see a mixture of researchers and taught post grads working together to make sure that all needs are met.

A preliminary meeting on Nov 14th (Wednesday) will be held for all those with an interested in sitting on the Post grad Society Committee.  The Committee will then work, with support and money from the Students’ Union, to start organising the events and services specifically for post grads .

If you are interested please email your contact details to or turn up at the meeting on the 14th of November at 6 pm at the Students Union.

Initially, the Post grad Society will do following, but terms  of reference will be established once the committee is convened.

1-      Post grad employability: Working with the University of Manchester Career services and other governmental and non governmental bodies, the Postgrad Society will ensure that its members are provided access to graduate level employment opportunities.

2-      Post grad socials: the Post grad Society will be one of the main sources of social life for postgraduates and ways for you to network with other postgrads across the University. The Society will organize socials, regular parties, and trips across the UK.

3-        Post grad study abroad exchange programme: The society will aim to establish a Post grad international mobility program through which students can complete one semester of their studies in a partner university in another country

4-        Post grad networking: With a rich base of alumni based all over the world, the Post grad Society will aim to establish connections with its alumni in order to provide help, mentoring and employment referrals to its members.

I have also setup a face book page for the event

Thanks & Regards

Saad Wahid

Diversity Officer

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